Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

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  • I absolutely loved the book.
    At first I just only saw the weirdness of Eleanor, but gradually, at some point, I started to actually smile and have a warm feeling about what was going on in her head or what she blurted out. I felt really bad because I probably am like Eleanor's colleagues who don't see the depths of her and just see the "differences". I so wish that I can be someone like Raymond. But I was just so glad to see Raymond and Eleanor get along, and as a result, Eleanor's world expanding.
    The last part of the book was really unpredictable. I couldn't foresee it, and it took me by quite a surprise.
    Reading this book made me think about loneliness, and that some people might just be looking for connection. Some people around me might have a tragic past and trauma. I want to be like Raymond, Sammy, or Raymond's mother who can just unconditionally accept a nice person.
    Definitely reading this again when I feel I'm being self-centered.

  • 優しい気持ちになった。

  • 書き出しからはブリジットジョーンズ的な内容を想像したが、良い意味で予想を裏切られました。




  • まさかこういう話とは!






  • Really good story. At first part, there were so much weird but also funny descriptions about Eleanor which made me laugh. In the same time, the crash which her made with the musician was uncomfortable to read straight because I was quite familiar with that kind of feeling back in school days(I believe many of us were). Second part was quite painful and dark. But thankfully some supporters appeared around her so in the end, this story warmed and cheered my heart up. After reading, I feel like I can be bit kinder to others.

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