The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

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  • I finished reading a book of the second, "A Series of Unfortunate Events" in English. The book's title is "The Reptile Room".

    The book is my another Floridian friend's recommendation, and I am a fan of the author, "Lemony Snicket". That is because I think that his books have not been translated into Japanese yet. So, if I would love to read his books, I definitely have to read his books in English. I love reading such kinds of books.

    The book series has thirteen episodes, so I really would love to conquer all of them. However, I cannot keep a motivation about reading. That is my weakness.

    Meanwhile, in the second book the orphan siblings straggled against their enemy, Count Olaf again. Compared to first book, second one is more complicated. I enjoyed reading it much more. I guess in all series, the youngstarts will straggle their enemy, and in the last book they will win. Since the book series are for children, it is easy for me to guess the story lines.

    Right now I am reading another type of book. I would love to finish reading it in this three days.

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