The Alchemist

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  • All you have to do is to do your best. but how come most of us cannot do this? Sometimes people give up their desire because it's too far to reach the dream. Others are afraid to achieve their dream and so on. That's why it's really few people to achieve their dream(Personal Legend).

    This book was written about, as it were, the story of winner's life, but the boy named Santiago was trying hard to find their treasure and Personal Legend. As a result, though the book was about the story of victor's life, sometimes he encountered thief, and also sometimes
    experienced severe situation. His journey was not always fun. So this book apparently a tale of victor's life, but it isn't.

    I knew to hear the sound of wind, have a relationship with some part of nature from this book, but i think this enable people who only have a pure heart to hear and feel this. But I will try as possible I can though I don't have pure heart and no gentle.hahaha

    The boy met a lot of unforgettable people in his life like alchemist, Englishman, the old king, crystal shop merchant and Fatima. They were necessary for the boy to get his treasure, therefore nothing them, nothing him. I could see how precious the relationship with other people are. I know friends only can meet at journey. And i learned a lot of things like their way of thinking, culture, behavior etc from them. So this also nothing them, nothing me!

    First, i had thought was really hard for me to read a book in English. But this book was a gift from my boyfriend, So I decided to read. But I wasn't willing to read the book because of English... but continued to read little by little everyday. However i read most of the main stories (about the rest of 50 pages ) in this 4 days. In the end this book was written in relatively simple English, so even me could understand :D Although took a long time to finish this book up, I appreciate my boyfriend to give this book for me.

    Anyway now I want to read this book written in Japanese ASAP because want to contemplate and deepen this story.

    Orwell it's almost time to board an airplane. So I gotta go :)

  • If you have a dream, if you are knocked down by something because things didn't work as you imagined, or if you are on the way to achieve something, go read this book. I really like the theme of this book. It looks just normal novel with a boy but it will turn out that it tells and emphasizes what you need to know in your life.
    I learned that don't surrender so easily even if you don't see any piece of diamond, you are just on the way to reach there. Don't choose easy way if you decide what you want, just stand at what you want.
    This is the book which encourages me.

  • 自分よりも大きな存在を信じること、自分の夢を何があっても諦めないことを説いた、物語のような自己啓発本のような。日本人にはないスピリチュアリティだなと思いました。自分の進路に迷っている人、もう一度自分の人生を見つめ直したい人は、心打たれると思います。この著者の本はどれもそうだけど、説教くさい…。

  • ずっと読みたいと思っていた本を多読仲間より借りました。今はタイミングが悪いようで、ちりばめられた前向きな言葉が心にすっと入ってくるときとこないときの差があり、あとでまた読み直したいと思わせる本でした。

  • 日本語で読んだときは良書のはずなのに、なんかいまいちだなぁと思っていたけど、やはり原書の方がよいですな。



  • 非常に共感でき、また学べるものがたくさんあった。人生の悩みを解決してくれるパワーがある。失敗を恐れないけど、どの道を進んでも夢にたどり着くまで満足しないこと、常にベストを尽くすこと。この本から得た知識は膨大です。この作品に出会えて良かった。

  • 聖書のかたちを意識して作られているのだろうな。例え話然り。

  • 未来に進む力を与えてくれるようなストーリー

  • 学校の英語の課題図書。
    personal legendにくらいつくこととか

  • 勇気を持って一歩踏み出し、小さな努力を積み重ねれば、夢はいつか叶う。やさしい言葉と淡々とした語り口で物語は進んでいくが、人生や生き方に関する哲学的・宗教的なメッセージが随所に散りばめられている。

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