And Then There Were None

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  • William Morrow
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  • ・洋書 (320ページ)
  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780062073488


  • They are invited to the isolated island by a figure of mystery, Mr Owen.
    They have apparently no relation with each other.
    At the first dinner, suddenly a voice come from somewhere and it reveals their crimes.
    And then, they are killed one by one with following ”Soldier Boys", which is a folk song.

    At first, I thought it is hard to understand the story in English, because there were so many characters.
    However, while continuing to read it, I felt down to the story. The climax was so thrilling.

    As a matter of fact, "the unexpected guest" is better than this "And then there were none".
    That is because the former didn't make me expect the criminals at all, but I was totally convicted by its hints.

  • ATOS Book Level: 5.7
    Word Count: 52656

    SVL10: abide, abortive, adhesive, alibi, alight, ardent, arsenal, audible, aversion, beastly, beckon, blunder, bout, briskly, churn, clam, clamber, cliche, cobweb, colossal, concur, coronation, cutlery, diagnose, disgraceful, disquiet, eerie, fanatic, feasible, ferret, flicker, flint, fracture, fraught, fumble, gastric, gin, gingerly, grimace, hamper, heartless, heave, hideous, huddle, hue, hysteria, implicate, indictment, indigestion, inmate, laughable, lax, legality, lull, mania, maniac, mantelpiece, mince, moisten, motherly, mug, opportune, outburst, override, penal, perspiration, plight, possessed, prowl, proxy, purport, reassurance, receptive, revert, rhyme, saga, scrawl, scrutinize, secretarial, skull, strenuous, stub, thee, tint, topple, trance, untouched, wager, wary, wedge, wig, wince, wrestle, wry

    SVL11: abiding, acquit, acquittal, anew, aura, bask, bluff, blurt, brazen, cardiac, comer, complicity, concoct, condone, conjure, crony, crumple, dope, elf, evasive, farce, ferocity, firearm, flex, furrow, gall, giddy, grunt, homicide, hunch, impromptu, inexorable, inhale, innocuous, jubilant, masterly, overdose, panther, perjury, pneumonia, poised, predatory, preposterous, putt, raucous, reconnaissance, remorse, rendezvous, rivet, sag, scalp, scrupulous, sedative, slur, smug, snarl, sprint, squirm, stave, tacit, tally, tamper, tenacious, tinge, vengeance, whack, whine, withdrawn, wrath

    SVL12: abate, abhorrent, adjourn, apparition, arsenic, assail, bromide, capricious, caustic, cistern, cleave, coroner, cove, creak, crease, cryptic, discomfiture, embroidery, fiend, fitful, forage, forte, furtive, grate, gullible, hoarse, impassive, incongruous, inert, inlet, jut, lithe, merriment, nostril, onlooker, pall, parson, patter, peal, potassium, pounce, prim, quaver, recoil, recrimination, reiterate, replete, rind, ruddy, ruminate, slander, stealthy, stuffy, stupendous, swine, thud, totter, undue, urn, vehement, vindictive, wont, wriggle

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