How Will You Measure Your Life?

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  • Professor Christensen shares key theories and process to enable readers to live their own lives full of happiness and fulfillment by applying business theories to important decision making in life from his own experience as a former management consultant, a former entrepreneur, an academia, and a father of two sons.

    The biggest takeaway from this book was the significance of articulating life purpose. What matters to you most? How many people can respond to this question with clarity? Fortunately, over the last two years in my business school, I had several chances to dive into my heart and develop my life mission; however, I found that I need to do more. The intensity of Christensen's work and its rigorous process seemed far beyond my time and energy I spent for it.

    The second takeaway is the lens of doing the job right. Christensen points out "changing your perspective is a powerful way to deepen your relationships." Before reading this book I had never thought of applying Design Thinking to the relationship with my wife. He tells exactly what Design Thinking offer --- having deep empathy and understanding of what job do your cu

    my wife need to do are the keys to strengthen our relationship.

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