The Trumpet of the Swan 50th Anniversary

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  • よい英語、美しい英語とはこういう英語のことを言うのだなぁと思った。





    さすがE. B. White。

  • I loved this book. it was the best book I have ever read! It was about a swan getting a trumpet from a boy and learning how to play it. then the swan became famous and played the trumpet everywhere in front of an audience. but he fell in love with a female swan at a zoo and he found out that she had to be killed! so he makes up a plan to save her. and finally they flew to a lot of places and married. they had children and the swan gave the trumpet to the biggest child.

  • I finished reading "The Trumpet of the Swan" in English today. The book is written by one of my favorite authors, E. B. White. He wrote "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little". All of them are children books, but I really enjoyed reading them.

    The book, "The Trumpet of the Swan" was my Texan friend's recommendation. In Japan other two books, "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little" are very popular, but this book isn't well known among us. Therefore, if he didn't suggest me it, I couldn't meet the book. I appreciate him.

    The book is filled with humor. Who can imagine, if a trumpet swan has no voice, he should blow a trumpet? I love the idea. Who also can think that when the trumpet swan has no voice, he should go to a human school to communicate with people in writing. I really love the original idea. I think E. B. White's books are rich of wits. Therefore, not only children but also adults can enjoy reading them. Although his writing style for children is very simple, but his writing English is very lovely. I can learn many pretty sentences from these books. Therefore, I would love to recommend these books to all English learners.

  • 私の学校は教材として取り扱っています。

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  • Charlotte's Webの著者の作品です。チョット読み進めていますが、ツボです♪

  • 醜いアヒルではなく、鳴くことのできない白鳥の話。声が無ければ歌えない、歌えなければ求愛できないという悲しい現実を突きつけられた白鳥は、自分で文字の読み書きの能力を取得し、首からホワイトボードを提げながら『I Love You』と求愛してみますが、成功せず。もう無理かと思われた時、白鳥は思わぬ物と出会うのです。とにかく悲しい話です。そして、白鳥の一生懸命な姿が何とも言えません。

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