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  • A couple of days ago, I finish reading Charlotte's Web in English. Since I don't want to forget the story, today I would like to write a review of it.

    The book is written by my favorite author, E.B.White. Although he wrote some children books, all of them have very deeper meanings. Therefore, adults can also enjoy reading them.

    The story is very simple and easy to understand. A main protagonist is a piglet whose name is Wilbur was born as a premature piglet. Therefore, when his owner looked at him, the owner tried to kill him. Meanwhile, the owner's daughter, Fern, had a very pure and tender heart. When she looked at her father tried to kill his piglet, she stopped it and promised her father that she wanted to take care of the piglet with her responsibility. At the moment, Wilbur's destiny changed.
    He was raised by Fern, but since he grew up rapidly, Fern's father decided to sell him to Fern's uncle.
    At Fern's uncle's ban, Wilbur met his best friend Charlotte. Charlotte was a big and very pretty spider. Although I don't want to write summary of the story, I just wrote a beginning part of the story.

    When I read the story, I felt like our destiny is controlled by how we meet people. If Wilbur didn't meet Fern before he was killed, he also never met Charlotte. If he didn't meet her, he might not meet his best friend in his entire life.
    Wilbur was a piglet, but he was influenced by many experiences of meeting lots of people or other animals in ban of Fern's uncle.

    I think we never live alone. While we live, someone helps us, and we help somebody. We help one another while we live. We also meet some friends who we can call "best friends" in our whole life. They teach us what love is or how to love other people. Charlotte loved Wilbur as if he was like her real son. I think Wilbur learned about love from her. The story is full of LOVE, so it is very wonderful. Love is one of easiest and simplest behaviors, but it is hard for us to love without compensation like our mothers. The book teaches us love is forever after the people who we love died.

    After I finished reading the book, I also watched the DVD of the same book. The DVD is followed the book. I think both are awesome.

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