Frog and Toad Are Friends (I Can Read Book 2)

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  • 邦題 : ふたりはともだち

    お手紙の挿絵のかえるくんが、やけにボタンの多い上着を着ていたのですが、この本に収録されている「A lost button」で、がまくんがプレゼントしたものでした。ちゃんと着てくれてるんですねぇ。

  • YL1.2-1.6 語数2275 2023.8.9★CIH カエルとヒキガエルの友情物語です。
     Frog and Toad Are Friendsシリーズと似た感じでもあるけ れど、こちらの方が少し渋めです。文体も絵のトーンも落ち着いていて、夜に読むのに良かったです。"

  • I LOVE the stories.

  • がまくんとかえるくんシリーズ。邦題「ふたりはともだち」。とても仲のいい二人。やっぱり「The Letter」が一番好き。2275語。

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  • レッスンで小学5-6年生が作った要約文です

    The Story

    This story is about Toad and Frog.
    Frog was not feeling well.
    Toad thought of a story to tell Frog.
    He walked up and down, poured water over his head,
    stood on his head, and banged his head.
    However, he could not think of a story.
    Toad was not feeling well.
    So Frog told him a story about crazy Toad.
    It was a funny story.

    A Lost Button

    Toad lost one of the buttons on his jacket.
    Toad and Frog looked for the button in the tall grass, the woods, the river and the mud.
    Toad went back home and he saw his button in his home.
    Toad sewed the buttons he found all over his jacket.
    Toad gave his jacket to Frog.
    Frog jumped for joy.


    This story is about Toad who puts on a funny bathing suit.
    The animals wanted to see it.
    They and even Frog laughed at it.
    Toad got angry and went home.
    That was a funny story.

    The Letter

    This story is about Frog, Toad, and Snail.
    Toad wanted a letter.
    He never got any mail.
    Frog wrote a letter to Toad.
    He asked Snail to put it in Toad’s mailbox.
    Frog and Toad waited a long time.
    Four days later, Snail got to Toad's house and gave him the letter from Frog.
    It was a sad and pleasing story.

  • After I finished reading this book, it made my heart warm.
    Their casual scene shows how close bond they have.
    I like it.

  • I like them very much. Toad does everything like a little child, and Frog is as if his older brother. They are very good friends. They are kind for each other. Especially, I like the story "THE LETTER" the best. Frog is the best friend for Toad.

    level: green

  • このふたりのお話は、いつでも安心して読める。


    The Story

    A Lost Button

    A Swim
    Toad`s funny bathing suit

    The Letter

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