Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't

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  • Words linger in my mind;
    - people are not your most important asset, the right people are.
    - your status and authority in a company come from your leadership capabilities, not your position.

    - If you are doing something you care that much about, and you believe in its purpose deeply enough, then it is impossible to imagine not trying to make it great.

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    - All the good to great companies had Level5 leadership at the time of transition
    - Level5 leaders are....modest and wilful, humble and fearless
    -Level 5 leaders display a workmanlike diligence- more plow horse than show horse
    - First, if you begin with "who" rather than "what"' you can more easily adapt to a changing world
    - A huge part of our transition can be attributed to our discipline in picking the right people
    -Letting the wrong people hang around is unfiar to all the right people.... Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight, they eventually become frustrated.
    -Put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not yur biggest problems
    -The main point is to first get the right people on the bus before you figure out where you drive it.
    -We were struck by how the good to great leaders dindnt' talk about themselves. they'd talk about the company and the contributions of other executives as long as we'd like

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