Correct Your English Errors

著者 : Tim Collins
  • McGraw-Hill Education (2008年9月26日発売)
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  • 日本語の文法書では学べなかった、もしくは気がつかなかったことがありました。2つ、例を紹介。
    If a two-syllable verb is stressed on the last syllable and ends in a vowel and a consonant, double the consonant and add -ing.

    When adding -ing, do not double the final consonant of a two-syllable verb if the first syllable of the verb is stressed
    × happenning ✓ happening

    When two nouns follow there, use a singular verb if the first noun in the series is singular or an uncountable noun.
    × There are a mother duck and some baby ducklings in the pond.
    ✓ There is a mother duck and some baby dudklings in the pond.(The first noun, mother duck, is singular.)

    その他、Linking verbs, Imperatives, Modal verbsなど文法の言葉が

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