Wuthering Heights (Penguin Classics)

著者 : Emily Bronte
制作 : Pauline Nestor  Pauline Nestor  Lucasta Miller 
  • Penguin Classics (2002年12月31日発売)
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  • Surprised to find out that Emily Bronte published this novel under a pseudonym, Ellis Bell.

  • My graduation thesiswas about this novel. Amazed to find the same solitude scenery as in the novelwhen I visited her hometown.

  • ホラー、恋愛、ホームドラマ等のすべての要素が入っており、ヒースクリフは結局何者でどこから来たか、どのように成しあがったかはわからずに安息してしまう。不明瞭な点が多くあり、ネリーとロックウッドの語りで場面が展開する。1800年頃の作品であれば世に衝撃があるかもしれないが、現代では古典的に過ぎないのではないか。

  • Although it has much more elements worth watching, unfortunately, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is inclined to be regarded as merely an imaginative love romance written by an unmarried woman. Indeed, the novel allows us to find in its text what is called platonic or pure love between a passionate couple; but when observed from a distance, it shows other unromantic aspects - Wuthering Heights is, in a sense, a grotesque complex consisting of harsh views on mankind.

  • 『嵐が丘』

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