The Twits

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制作 : Quentin Blake 
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  • 世界一(?)不潔で心が醜い夫婦のお話です。


    毎週Bird Pieにされる鳥たちが団結して

    'If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face.
    And when that person has ugly thoughts every day,every week,
    every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you
    can hardly bear to look at it.'

    104books YL3.9 8,107words
    total 1,542,415words

  • YL: 4.0

  • 750L

  • ”醜い夫婦”をこれでもか、というくらい極端に描いています。風貌もさることながら、夫婦間の嫌がらせの数々もよくもそんなことができるな、と身震いしてしまうような出来事がいっぱいです。が、それだけ意地悪だったら死に追いやるほど仕返しをしていいものなのかちょっと首をかしげてしまいます。

  • ブログ内の感想記事、↓

  • This book was so fun because first mrs.Twit had an glass eye and she putted in mr.Twit's glass of beer.When mr.Twit found out that mrs.Twit putted it he wanted to pay back and he putted a frog under mrs.twit's bed.Then to pay mr.Twit back mrs.Twit put a worm in mr.Twit's spaghetti,and so forth.And also they were super mean to the birds. They put sticky glue on the trees and catch birds.And guess what! They put it in their bird pie! But the birds found out a way to fight back. They putted the whole house up side down with sticky glue.And then ,they both got the shrinks .And at last all there was left was their cloths.And at last the birds shouted HORRAY!

  • 7歳女子感想: 「変だった。Roly - Poly Bird になりたい。」

  • I finished reading "The Twits" in English. It was written by Roald Dahl. He is my favorite author. He is famous with "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I also read it two years ago. Although the book was for children, I enjoyed reading it. Before I read the book, I didn't know the meaning of "twits". After I read it, I guess it means the similar as "jerk".

    The storyline was the similar as Japanese fork tales. While I was reading, I could guess what happened to next. However, I was a bit surprised at the ending because it wasn't exact same what I thought. The book teaches that we have to be nice to others. I prefer "The Twits" than "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The story was short, but we can learn a lot from the book. Since his books are easy for me to read, and I can enjoy reading, I would like to read all his books in English.

  • ◎ YL : 4.0 ◎ 語数 : 8,107語 ◎ DAHL 

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