The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want

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  • 良書。

    If you're willing to make the effort, pursue the following 12 actions and become happier.
    select and try a few. If they don't work, try others. Choose activities that best suit you and your lifestyle

    1) 感謝する習慣をもつ★
    a weekly "gratitude journal"

    2) pessimisticなら、optimisticになるには、activate ur "optimistic muscles" by writing downhow u see ur life if things go right.★

    3) Don't overthink★
    反芻しすぎ。どんどん悪い方に向う、いい事ない。Don't indulge in it. Switch ur focus to something enjoyable instead, like exercise or a movie. 反芻は途中で打ち切って、運動したり映画観たり別の楽しいことをする。

    4) (ちょっと安易だなと思うけど)Be kind ボランティアとかしたらもー自分への責めとかストレスとか吹っとぶ!と。確かにいい事するといい人になった気がしてポジティブなエネルギーが回り出すとは思う。

    5) Be social. u need to be social to be happy. agree!★

    6) Learn to cope - ストレスは何処にでもあり、何からでも産まれるので、ハッピーになるためには、ストレスをマネージする方法をわかってないとダメです。

    7) Forgive and forget★

    8) 過去や未来に囚われたり縛られたりせず、今に集中し、今の決断に心を込め、今という時を大切に生きる。your life = now!★
    Pay attention to your life. Make each moment in your life meaningful. Don't waste a minute

    9) n/a (既出と被ってる)

    10) 金持ちになるとか、いつか痩せてキレイになってとか、そういう(外向きの)目標よりも、料理を学ぶとか、毎日朝ごはんの前にひと泳ぎするとか、内に向けられた目標の方が、人を幸せにする。そういう自分への小さな目標を立てて、それに向かってがんばり、それを達成してよくやったと喜ぶのがいい。★

    11) 宗教があった方が幸せ。あっそ。

    12) Stay physically and mentally fit ★
    Do you exercise? Exercise is one of the best ways to immediately feel good about yourself. Do you act like a happy person? Believe it or not, you can fool yourself into feeling happy when you smile and laugh. It's hard to be sad when you're smiling.

    Anyone can be happy temporarily. The trick is to maintain this happiness throughout your life. To do so, there's 5 HOWs.

    1) Research shows that positive feelings “foil” negative feelings, so be positive. Stay positive.

    2) use 12 tips when you need them most. 悲しい時辛い時こそ思い出して使おう。

    3) support from others

    4) Do it. If you don't have the time for a fully active happiness regimen, does that mean you don't have time to be happy?

    5) To be happy, do your happiness activities habitually. Habits depend on regular repetition and constant practice. Eventually, like any other habit, they will become subconscious and automatic. When they do, you will be much happier.

    Don't go through life being unhappy. You are very much in control of the degree of personal happiness you experience. Become a happy person today.

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