In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

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  • We are literally in the middle of the food industry. They are trying to trick our minds all the time. For instance, people only start caring what nutrition in the food. Like if the label of orange juice said that it has more than 100 % of vitamin C of daily intake, people love to buy that. Because they think that's good for our body. People tend to think and focus more on nutrition rather than the food itself. The author, Michael Pollan suggested to buy and eat whole food instead of processed food and possibly from the farmer's market. Because that's exactly where you can get seasonal whole food in the local plus even organic whole food in the grocery store is mostly from other countries, so it can be tracked and we don't know what soils they used in the farm. Anyhow, I'm glad to know all the information about the food which I am concerned about. Highly recommend reading if you are curious what you eat.

  • 著者は、極端な菜食主義、カロリーダウン、サプリメントなどの欧米的ダイエットに頼るのではなく、果物や野菜を中心とした自然のものを腹八分食べることによる健康的な食生活を提唱している。 今さらながら、ここに書かれていることは極めて「当たり前」のことなのに、アメリカでは食品メーカーによる行きすぎた広告宣伝に惑わされ、このような常識を知ることすらできないまま栄養学的に偏った食文化が根付いてしまった。


    著者は、必ずしも科学的根拠について考えることを否定しているわけではないし、きちんとファクトを調べて食べることは大事だが、Nutritionism is not science but an ideologyであるとし、何を、どうやって食べるべきなのかをここで再認識できるようにすべきと主張している。 日本人には初めて聞く内容ではないと思うが、利害関係を超えて、食の安全に関してこのような視点からも真実を語るジャーナリズムがもっと力を発揮すべきではないかと感じた。

  • It shows about the nutrition. But the contents are common sense for Japanese people, because we learned about nutrition in school. I think why many American people are obesity, because they can't get fresh vegetable easily and the kind of food that they eat are so less. In Asia we eat all sorts of food, but another country they don't. We should select the food that we eat, because we take it in our body directory.

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