Flowers for Algernon

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  • これは読書があまり好きでなかった私でもハマったなあ。

  • "I don't know what is worse: to not know what you are and be happy, or to become what you've always wanted to be, and feel alone."

    To this day one of the most gripping and emotional books I have had the pleasure of reading. From page one, you build a certain rapport with the pleasant yet simple-minded Charlie, one that you keep throughout the story. You can't help but develop deep feelings of affection towards the wide-eyed, eager-to-please protagonist who dreams of learning to read and write so he can be like everyone else, and make those around him happy. The story slowly builds up after Charlie undergoes the life-altering experimental surgery, with clues of the subtle changes in his intelligence and character, protrayed in both his literal writing as well as his thought processes and actions. You begin to see Charlie express more than just the usual tone of happiness, compliance, fear, or confusion. You feel his frustration amidst his confusion, at times, his defiance, retaliation, discouragement, and despair as he struggles in the initial stages of acquiring intelligence. Upon beating Algernon in a race to clear the maze, we see an acceleration in the story. From there we are taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride as Charlie revels in his new-found ability to obtain knowledge, while also grappling to keep up emotionally. You catch yourself wondering as Charlie does... is the world around me changing rapidly 'cause of my newly developed intelligence, or am I changing too rapidly for the world to catch up? The diary-style, first-person narrative gives the reader a direct insight into Charlie's most personal thoughts and rawest of emotions, making it a riveting read, no matter how many times you've read it before. As Charlie's mind is propelled into the realm of geniuses and the gods, you can't help but wonder where will it all lead to?

  • いや~長かった。約2カ月かけて読了。わからない部分も多々あったけど、おもしろかった。高校生のときに読んで感銘を受けて、まさか将来英語で読む日が来るとは思わなかったなぁ。

    lousy という単語が出てきたけど、これアメリカ人の友人いわく最近あまり使わない単語だとのことで、調べたら1959年出版の本なのだね。いやはやこの間読んだ「The catcher in the rye」(1951年出版)ではlousy頻発だったけど、そうか50年代には普通に使われていたのかな。

  • 2020/3/20 読み始める
    2021/01/17 読み終わる

  • 文章:★★★☆☆

  • 「アルジャーノンに花束を」の原作です。初めて英語でペーパーバックを読むなら、一押しです。パン屋で働く、知的障害のある青年が、「もっと頭がよくなりたい。」と大学の実験で手術を受けます。青年の手記は子供のような文体から、知能が上がるにつれ高度で複雑になっていきます。大学の女性との淡い恋、そして物語が進むにつれ、同じ様に手術を受けた実験ネズミのアルジャーノンと、やはり同じ末路を辿ることに気づき...

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