The Color Purple

著者 : Alice Walker
  • Mariner Books (2006年11月1日発売)
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  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780156031820

The Color Purpleの感想・レビュー・書評




  • I finished reading " The color purple " in English without a dictionary a couple of days ago. The book was the best book for me to read this year in English. Actually, I bought it in America. When my American friend took me to some garage sales, I found it out there. When I picked up the book, the house owner said that the book was very nice. The book seemed to be new, but I bought it for only one dollar! I was so lucky!

    Even if the book was best book, it wasn't easy for me to read in English. That's because they book was written with many grammar errors. The main character is an uneducated African American girl, Celie. So, the book author pretends her and wrote the book. However, it wasn't difficult to follow the story line.

    After I read the book, I was looking forward to watching the movie with a Japanese dubbing. I wanted to make sure how much I could understand the contents. I watched it yesterday. Before I watched the movie, I couldn't understand why the color name, " purple " is used in the book. I think the color, " purple " is a kind of symbol of relationship between Celie and her dear little sister, Nettie.
    Although the movie was also good, I prefer the novel to the movie because this story is too complicated, so it is difficult to describe everything in the movie.

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