Oxford Reading Tree: Level 7: Stories: The Willow Pattern Plot

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The Level 7 Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories, written by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta, provide a rich story context to help develop language comprehension and decoding skills. Stories, More Stories A and More Stories B involve familiar situations and a variety of fantasy settings through the magic key adventures. Longer stories help to build reading stamina, which is important for later reading success. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with childrens reading development is also available at www.oxfordowl.co.uk.


  • ビフとチップは、カーブートセール(車のトランクに不用品を詰めて売るフリーマーケット)でナディムと会います。ナディムはお母さんのために、柳模様のお皿を買いました。3人はビフの部屋で何をして遊ぼうか考えているときに魔法の鍵が輝き出します。彼らが連れてこられた場所は、青と白の世界。そう、柳模様のお皿の中でした。


    【928語/合計 122,200語/269冊目】

  • Biff and Chip met with Nadim.
    Nadim had bought a willow pattern plate.
    The Magic key began to glow.
    The magic key took the children to the willow pattern.
    They saw a little house.
    They saw a girl called Kim Shee.
    A boy named Chang was there.
    Kim wanted to marry with him.
    The children met with Chang and Kim.
    Nadim had a good idea.
    The guards came.
    Nadim and Chip threw the lemons at the guards.
    The guards tripped on the sash.
    Kim and Chang ran away.
    The guards chased to the children.
    The magic key glowed.
    The children came to Biff's bedroom at last.

  • 生活感の必要ない、子ども向けのお話ならではのストーリー。

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