Oxford Reading Tree: Level 7: More Stories A: The Hunt for Gold

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  • ウィルマのお母さんは、台所の流しの部分にブレスレットのチャームを落としてしまいます。チップのお母さんが流しのパイプを分解して、チャームを見つけるとともに、ウィルフがつけた古いチューインガムを発見します。ビフの部屋でウィルフはチップにガムを与えます。すると魔法の鍵が輝き出し……。子どもたちは川で金を探している親子と出会います。


    【916語/合計 125,738語/273冊目】

  • Wilma's Mum had an bracelet.
    It had charms.
    It were made of gold.
    Wilma's Mum was washing her hands.
    One of the charm went down and into the plug hole.
    Mum found the charm.
    But Mum also found Wilf's old chewing gum.
    Wilf gave some gum to Chip.
    The magic key began to glow.
    Some people was searching for gold.
    Wilf gave some gum to the boy and girl.
    The boy and girl was living at a hut by the river.
    Dad found some gold.
    They was going to the town.
    But some robbers appear.
    Wilf had a good idea.
    The robbers search everywhere.
    The robbers ran away.
    Dad got some money.
    They bought many things.
    They came back to the hut.
    Biff found a little gold.
    The magic adventure finished.
    They were at Biff's bedroom.
    Chip sneezed.
    The gold went some where.
    The children were searching for the gold.
    Just then, Mum came to vacuum.

  • 開拓時代のアメリカへタイムスリップ。どんな時代もそれぞれの困難を抱えている。

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