The Mental Corpus: How Language Is Represented in the Mind (Oxford Linguistics)

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    This book presents a radical reconceptualization of the nature of linguistic
    knowledge. John Taylor challenges the conventional notion that a language
    can be understood in terms of the interaction of syntax with a lexicon, the
    second listing the words and the first the rules for combining them. He
    proposes instead that an individual's knowledge of a language can be thought
    of as a repository of memories of linguistic experience. Each encounter with
    the language, he argues, leaves a trace in our minds. We record the forms of
    utterances, the concepts and interpretations associated with them, and the
    contexts in which they were heard or seen. Features of incoming language - a
    word, a phrase, a meaning, a voice quality, an interactional situation -
    resonate with items already stored. Similarities between stored items give
    rise to generalizations of varying degrees of certainty and precision, which in
    turn are able to sanction new and innovative expressions.

    John Taylor writes with conviction, clarity, and wit, illustrating every stage of
    his argument with arresting examples. His account makes a profound and
    original contribution to understanding the nature of language and the
    operations of the mind and brain. His book will appeal in equal measure to
    linguists, philosophers, and cognitive scientists.

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