The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking (Financial Times Series)

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  • <deductive>演繹
    ・Men are mortal.
    ・Socrates is a man.
    ・Therefore Socrates is mortal.

    ・French tanks are at the Polish border.
    ・German tanks are at the Polish border.
    ・Russian tanks are at the Polish border.

  • This book carefully explains how to use THE PYRAMID PRINCIPLE, an effective framework for business writing. When I first read this book 7 years ago, I was totally impressed by the concepts described in this book and installed it on the statements of purpose required by the jobs I applied for. Since then I have read this book several times and will read it at least 5 more times. This book explains one of the standards of business writing structure and, for non-native English speakers, the exhibits written in this book are worth being learned by heart.

  • 考える技術・書く技術―問題解決力を伸ばすピラミッド原則の原著。後半の実例は業界知識が無い読者にはわかりにくい部分があるが、前半のピラミッド構造基礎編、応用編は翻訳本よりも原著で読むと解りやすい。

  • 『トップMBAの必読文献―ビジネススクールの使用テキスト500冊』に掲載。
    考える技術・書く技術 : 説得力を高めるピラミッド原則の原書版

  • 鉄板。

  • 邦題 『考える技術・書く技術―問題解決力を伸ばすピラミッド原則』

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