Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! (Giant Little Golden Book)

制作 : Richard Scarry 
  • Golden Books (2000年6月8日発売)
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  • ・洋書 (288ページ)
  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780307165480

Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! (Giant Little Golden Book)の感想・レビュー・書評




  • Richard Scarry is great.

  • I finished reading my twenty fifth and sixth books in English for this year without using a dictionary. My twenty fifth book is a child book and sixth book is a book for adults. Each book has around 100 short stories, so I'd read one story per a day around for three months.

    I think this idea is really great because after three month I can finish reading the book. Plus, it's not difficult for me to keep reading a short story in English every single day. In Japanese we have a proverb ”塵も積もれば山となる” (Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru.). It means If we keep doing something that I would love to achieve with a small step, we can receive it. I know that it's very hard for me to read 50 pages of a book in English every day, but I can read a three-page-short story a day every single day. Now, I started reading another book for adults which also have 100 short stories.

    While reading such books, I'd love to read normal books. I hope I can achieve my goal that I can finish reading forty eights books in English without using a dictionary this year!

  • 色々なお話が入っていて、楽しい。

  • 上の状況で、【読み終わった】としたが、全部は読みきっていない。

  • イラストが超可愛いです。子どもから大人まで幅広く愛されると思います。

  • YL:1.0

  • たくさんのストーリやマザーグースがぎっしり!!

  • 主人がアメリカ出張のお土産に買ってきてくれました。これは安くて内容もたっぷりでとってもお得です。長めのお話から、絵と単語だけのページなどさまざまで、いろんな年齢とレベルの子に楽しめる本だと思います。

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