Twilight (The Twilight Saga)

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  • ロマンス満載!

  • 忘れていたことがたくさん。映画と違うのね。エドワードとベラが仲良くなるまでが長すぎ。

  • ヴァンパイアとの恋愛もの。他の事が手に付かなくなるくらい面白かったです♪

  • I haven't written about reviews that I have read in English for a while. Today, I'd like to write a review of "Twilight". It was my 9th books for this year and was a gift from my British friend. When I received the book, I daubed if I could read it or not in English without using a dictionary.

    It was a big challenge for me because the book that has over 450 pages was thick for me. I didn't need to worried about it. I became involved in the book while reading because it was so romantic, fulled of mystery and easy for reading. Since I really wanted to read more and couldn't pull up with the situation, I asked my American friend to buy second one at a second hand book store. After I returned to Japan, I started to read the second one.

    I also bought two DVDs of the movies in America. Since I already have the first one, I'd love to buy the last one, the third book and the fourth book when I go to America next time. I'm really looking forward to reading and watching all series of the novel.

  • 映画より原作派、かも。いや映画のキャストも美形揃いで目の保養になるけれど、いかんせん、ティーンのシリアスな恋愛ものは映画にすると甘酸っぱすぎるチープ感が( ´_ゝ`)ノ

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