How Would You Move Mount Fuji?

  • Little, Brown and Company (2004年4月2日発売)
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  • むかし話題になったアレ。

  • "How would you move mount fuji?" If you are asked this question in interview, what you say? The candidate ask this question who want to join Microsoft. You want to know this answer, don't you? But no answer this question, however there are some answers that you satisfy. This book has other questions. For example "Why the manhole is round?" and "How many gas station are there in United States?" and so on. This book published in Japanese so if you interested in it, you can read in Japanese.

  • 難解なquizの意味とその役割。欧米の、そしてその影響を受けた我々の頭良い悪いの判断基準となるIQtestの歴史も興味深い。昔どこかで聞いたようなquizがどうやって解けられるのか、面白いけどどんどんめんどくさくなって、ずっと手放さなかったのにもかかわらず途中からなかなか進まなくて3ヶ月くらい。

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