Body Double: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel

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  • 監察医MAURA ISLESの自宅前で発見された遺体は、存在すら知らなかった双子の妹。二人を養子に出した実母は殺人鬼として服役していた。一つの殺人事件から、全米に及ぶある"商品”を得る事を目的にした残虐な行為が明らかになる。MAURA ISLES/JANE RIZOLLI シリーズの4作目。最後の最後まで犯人の実態が解らず、展開が予測不能。TESS GERRITSEN 絶好調の内容だ。

  • I personally have found Tess Gerritsen's work to be somewhat uneven, but her new novel is really good and scary. This is the fourth book featuring pathologist Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli, but you don't need to have read the previous books, it stands up on its own. Maura returns from holiday to find a woman who looks exactly like her has been murdered in front of her house. The woman turns out to be the twin sister she never knew she had - Maura was adopted. Of course Maura wants to find out everything she can about her sister, and her biological mother. Somehow her sister's death is connected to the serial murders - across decades - of pregnant women. Both Maura, trying to come to terms with her new family's awful past, and the very pregnant Rizzoli, are deeply affected. The tension is maintained not just through the unravelling of all the interlinking threads, but through the unsettling nature of the story, and how that affects the two women psychologically.

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