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  • 死神が語る、本泥棒の女の子の話です。

  • A couple of weeks ago I achieved my goal to finis reading 48 books in English without using a dictionary. It wasn't easy and I tended to give it up midway many times. When I returned to Japan from America with my last trip this year, I realized that I just finished reading 16 books, and I have only 3 months left. I couldn't think in a positive way, but I really didn't like to give it up because last year I dropped it out.
    I pushed myself hard to reach my goal for three months, but I don't think the way is good to compliment.

    Next year I also have the same goal as this year, but I would like to try to read two of over 1000 paged books in English without using a dictionary. So, I want to manage my time to read 48 books and enjoy my reading time more.

    The book was the best ever for me to read in 48 books this year. It's my second book to read about Holocaust. It's fiction but it's really written well. At the last part I couldn't stop my tear dropping. Since I want to learn about Holocaust more, I want to read some other books relates to the history next year.

  • Word Count: 118933
    ATOS Book Level: 5.1
    Gunning Fog Index: 6.07
    Flesch Kincaid Grade level: 4.74
    Flesch Reading Ease: 78.44

    SVL11: abrasive, abstinence, accomplice, accrue, acquittal, acronym, adamant, admonish, affable, alleviate, animosity, anthem, arid, arthritis, assortment, audacious, audacity, barbed, blatant, blister, brandish, bun, canny, capitulate, carcass, catalyst, clamp, clout, clutter, cohort, concerted, confiscate, conglomerate, consummate, crackle, crap, crumple, cuff, culmination, cynicism, debilitate, decipher, deflate, deluge, demeanor, demolition, deplete, derision, dire, disgruntled, distraught, doe, dour, entourage, euphoria, exhale, exhilarate, extremist, exult, fathom, ferocity, fervent, fleeting, forlorn, genital, ghastly, glee, gloat, glut, goad, grapple, grope, grudge, halo, hapless, hiatus, hindsight, horrendous, hump, hunch, hurtle, idyllic, ignite, infest, inhale, innocuous, irate, jab, jagged, knack, legion, loathe, ludicrous, makeshift, mannerism, mortify, murky, nausea, nimble, nudge, obese, obscenity, ominous, onslaught, opaque, opus, paranoia, perimeter, pivot, pivotal, platoon, poised, predicament, prelude, proffer, prolific, pronounced, protagonist, puncture, putt, quell, rampant, raucous, reflex, regimen, relinquish, rendition, reprimand, revoke, rodent, rue, rupture, sag, salvage, savior, scalp, scour, seep, shackle, shingle, sickle, sliver, slouch, slur, smirk, spinal, splice, sporadic, sprint, staunch, stave, stealth, stint, strew, stricken, succumb, tally, tamper, tantrum, taunt, tepid, terrain, torso, tout, township, treason, trudge, unearth, unravel, unruly, upbringing, veer, vigil, vigilant, vindication, wane, wayward, whiff, whine, whore, wield, wobble, wrath

    SVL12: abject, affront, altercation, amble, antagonize, antithesis, anvil, apex, apparition, armpit, auspicious, brunt, callous, caustic, chlorine, chum, circumference, clump, corrode, cower, creak, crease, cringe, crux, dab, daunt, decimate, decrepit, dejected, deplorable, detest, detriment, dilapidated, disheveled, dissipate, dribble, drizzle, epitome, filth, flinch, flippant, fluff, fluffy, futility, gaunt, gratuitous, groin, grubby, gusto, hoist, illustrious, immaculate, incongruous, incredulous, insolent, jostle, jut, kerosene, kinetic, loiter, lunge, molest, morose, muck, muffle, mutilate, muzzle, nostril, onlooker, ostracism, pelt, pensive, periphery, peruse, plethora, ponderous, premonition, protrude, ransack, recoil, reprieve, revel, ruffle, rummage, saliva, scum, secrete, sedate, seethe, shin, slacken, slander, smudge, snip, sodden, soggy, spruce, squat, stench, stupendous, suffocate, surly, swine, therein, thesaurus, thud, twitter, unfurl, unkempt, vacate, vantage, vehement, venom, vicinity, vulgarity, wheeze, whirlpool, whisker, whitewash, wrest, wriggle

  • 一人称が「死神」で、ナチスドイツ時代のとある貧しい少女について語るという構成。



  • This novel introduces the readers into a new type of point of view.
    Often times the word, "World War II", conjures up images of desperation.
    However what was different about this book was that at times, it illustrates the hopes born within the characters.
    If you have lost your loved one, I will definitely recommend this,
    because it demonstrates the emotional conflicts of the people who were left behind.

  • 人間に魅せられた死神がLieselという女の子の話をする。初めに死神によるどういう話かというネタバレ的な解説があるが、言葉の断片を列挙したような感じで混乱しつつも、少女の生活、成長の話が展開されていくうちに話にどんどんと引き込まれる。第2次世界大戦中の人々の生活や様子が、少女の目を通して生き生きと描かれているうえ、登場人物が興味深い。生と死、友情、愛、言葉の力、いろいろと考えさせられる。

  • Beauty and destructive power of words... Thought-provoking.

    I love this book!

  • 豊田高専

  • 全体の60%くらいを英語で、残り40%を日本語で読んだ。


  • 何もかもが完成している感動作でした。第二次世界大戦のときにナチス下のドイツに住んでいるリーゼルのお話を皮肉だけど、やさしい「死神(Death)」が語ります。Deathの語りがユニークでとても深くて印象的でした。登場人物たちは一人ひとり強い個性があって、好感が持てる人々ばかりです。話の展開は達人の技って感じでした。

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