Love Story

著者 : Erich Segal
  • Avon (2002年1月8日発売)
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  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780380017607

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  • v beautiful, touching.

  • とっても切ないお話なんです。好きなセリフがあって


    “I don't like it,” she said.(私、気に入らないワ・・・彼女は言った)


    “The fact that I like it.”(私があなたを好きって事が)





  • わずか127ページの小説なのに、こんなに内容が深いなんて! 大切な場面場面を切り取って書いていながら、その間を読者にしっかり埋めさせる。




  • A couple weeks ago, I finished reading "Love Story" in English. As you know from the title, it is a love story. Actually, I don't like reading love stories in my mother tongue. That's because most of them are similar stories, and while I'm reading them, I can guess the ending of them easily. It's kind of boring for me. On the other hand, I love reading love stories in English. It's much easier for me to understand what they are expressed. In addition to that the expressions in English sounds much more romantic for me.

    Before I read the book, I have known that the book has been made a Hollywood movie in 1970. Therefore, I had thought after I finished reading it, I really would love to watch the film in English.
    Since I don't want to forget the impression about both the book and the film, I would like to write something down here.

    I think that it's general opinion that books are better than films that are made from them. However, in this case both were very nice. Of course, we can know more details from the book, but both stories were very inspiring. I couldn't stop teaing up when I thought of Jenny's sad life and Oliver's feelings after he lost his dearest wife. When Oliver lost his wife, he was only 25 years old. I wonder about his future life without Jenny. I really think if people lose their dearest person, it's the toughest for them to survive without them. If I were him, I couldn't survive without my husband. I know that there is another book called "Oliver's Story". It has been written about his life after he lost Jenny. I really would love to read it in English next time.

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