Shopaholic Takes Manhattan: A Novel

著者 : Sophie Kinsella
  • Dial Press Trade Paperback (2002年1月29日発売)
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  • ・洋書 (336ページ)
  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780385335881

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  • コンフェッションの続き、期待通り面白い!


  • I dont like Becky when she is spending too much money and thinking too much positively.........
    Anyway, I enjoyed as usual.
    And I watched the movie yesterday.
    It was awesome for me!! Compared to Twilight, there is no mistake and disappointment, I think.
    The story consists of "confession of shopaholic" and "shopaholic takes Manhattan", and both stories are mixed very well.
    Each character is also very cute and everything is fashionable. I think girls must like this kind of movie...
    I like especially Luke. Even though his character was different from novel's one, he was so nice in the movie too!
    Personaly, Alicia and Suze are perfectly what I imagined. Nice movie!

  • 0409/YL:6.8/97,000語/総語数3,542,304語/

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