The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition

制作 : John Tenniel 
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For over half a century, Martin Gardner has established himself as one of the world's leading authorities on Lewis Carroll. His Annotated Alice, first published in 1959, has over half a million copies in print around the world and is beloved by both families and scholars for it was Gardner who first decoded many of the mathematical riddles and wordplay that lay ingeniously embedded in Carroll's two classic stories, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Forty years after this groundbreaking publication, Norton is proud to publish the Definitive Edition of The Annotated Alice, a work that combines the notes of Gardner's 1959 edition with his 1990 volume, More Annotated Alice, as well as additional discoveries drawn from Gardner's encyclopedic knowledge of the texts. Illustrated with John Tenniel's classic, beloved art along with many recently discovered Tenniel pencil sketches The Annotated Alice will be Gardner's most beautiful and enduring tribute to Carroll's masterpieces yet.


  • 装丁も挿絵も大のお気に入り。

  • これはちょっと持ってないんですが、クラシックな表紙に

  • 不思議の国と鏡の国、二つのアリスが一冊なってています。挿絵はJohn Tenniel。
    さらにMartin Gardnerによる詳細な脚注付きで、アリス研究には必携の一冊。

  • 不思議の国/鏡の国、合本。ジョン・テニエルの挿絵が素敵。

  • 「不思議の国のアリス」と「鏡の国のアリス」が一冊になっているお得版。アリスの挿絵と言えばテニエルですが、こちらも期待通り。訳本、アニメとアリスを知る機会は多いですが、多少無理しても原文で読むほうがいいなあと思うのは、キャロルの言葉遊び故か。ナーサリーライムもそうですが、言葉遊びはやっぱりその国の言葉が一番わかりやすいと思います。オックスフォードにいるドードー(剥製)に会いたい。

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