The Psychology of Winning: Ten Qualities of a Total Winner

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  • There are 10 qualities to be a total winner.
    #1 Positive Self Awareness
    Winners know who they are, where they are from and where they are going.
    Open up your lenses to the possibilities and alternatives available in your life.
    When you are open minded and you know nothing is impossible, your life will change automatically.

    #2 Positive Self Esteem
    Winners they like themselves, they see themselves as positive way.
    The most important key to the permanent enhancement of self esteem is the practice of
    self talk.

    #3.Positive Self Control
    Self Control is self determination. Winners take full responsibility for determining their actions in
    their own lives. Losers let it happen, winners make it happen.

    #4.Positive Self Motivation
    Winners believe they can do what they want to do. Most of our faers are based on darkimaginings,
    it is vital for us to dwellon our magnificent obesessions and look at where you want to go.

    #5.Positive Self Expectacy
    One of the most imoportant quality of winner is an attitude of optimism and enthusiasm.
    Winners say "I was good today, I'll be better tomorrow."

    #6.Positive Self Image
    All winners develop and actively think about Positive Self image.
    People will be what they want to be. Self image can play in the creation and up-grading of
    the self image.

    #7.Positive Self Direction
    Winners has their GPS system of where they are and where they are going day by day.
    They build up their game plans, puroposes, and the way to get there.

    #8. Positive Self Discipline
    It means you need to imagine you are what you wanna be.

    #9.Positive Self Dimension
    Winners have learned to feel as one with nature and universe.
    And they have learned to be aware of time (learn from the past,
    plan for the future, and live as fully aspossible in the present.) Winners creat other winners
    without exploiting them.

    #10.Positive Self Projectio
    Winners know how imoportant their impression for others and for them.
    They always try best in the way they look, walk, talk, listen, and react.

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