Riding Freedom (Scholastic Signature)

著者 : Pam Munoz Ryan
制作 : Brian Selznick 
  • Scholastic Paperbacks (1999年9月1日発売)
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  • / ISBN・EAN: 9780439087964

Riding Freedom (Scholastic Signature)の感想・レビュー・書評




  • Quick read and inspiring book. I love the theme of book which is how one of the girls in early 1800's struggled with women equality. It is a really sweet book which is based on real story and I recommend to everyone boys and girls. But as an adult, I kind of expected the ending more thrilling like mentioning more on the relationship between Charlotte and Hay. But other than that, it is an awesome novel:)

  • 1800年代中盤のアメリカ。「片目のチャーリー」として生き 一生を終えた彼は、死後女性であることが判明した。この実在した女性Charlotteの波乱万丈な半生を描く。

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