If You're Angry And You Know It (Scholastic Readers)

著者 : Cecily Kaiser
制作 : Cary Pillo 
  • Cartwheel Books (2005年7月発売)
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If You're Angry And You Know It (Scholastic Readers)の感想・レビュー・書評




  • The book told to children how to act when they feel angry and they know it.

    Children's Song: If You're Happy/Sad/Angry, etc...And You Know It

    Anger is a normal and inevitable human emotion. Anger is as natural as joy, excitement, or any other emotion. Yet not one of us was born knowing how and when to express our aggressive feelings in a socially acceptable and emotionally productive way.
    We must learn the best way to handle all our feelings.

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  • If you are happyのメロディで、替え歌、If you are angryって歌いながら読んでみいましょう。お友達に、いやな思いをさせられて怒っちゃうけど、最後は仲直り。かわいい絵本です。

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