The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle Series)

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  • ドリトル先生航海記。井伏鱒二訳もいいけど、原書もよい。日本語版は3回くらい読んだ。

  • I finished reading "Dr. Dolittle" in English. I have known the story since I was a kid. I've read it with a Japanese translation. However, I haven't read it in English. I bought the book at a garage sale in America.

    Twenty 5 years ago, when I was a college student, I've been to London with my college friend. I bought one of the Dr. Dolittle series at a book store. I found it at the discount corner. I still remember that at that time we couldn't seen discount corner at a book store in Japan. So, I was very surprised and excited. I bought the book with some picture books.

    In twenty 5 years, I tried to read the book that I bought in London several times. However, I couldn't finish reading it because it was still difficult to read in English for me.

    Now, I'm thinking I'd like to try to read the book again. I think that it isn't hard for me to read now. That's because I really enjoyed reading "Dr. Dolittle" in English. I'm very glad to realize that I've been improving my reading skills in English even if the progress is very slow.

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