Elements of Information Theory

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The latest edition of this classic is updated with new problem sets and material The Second Edition of this fundamental textbook maintains the book's tradition of clear, thought-provoking instruction. Readers are provided once again with an instructive mix of mathematics, physics, statistics, and information theory. All the essential topics in information theory are covered in detail, including entropy, data compression, channel capacity, rate distortion, network information theory, and hypothesis testing. The authors provide readers with a solid understanding of the underlying theory and applications. Problem sets and a telegraphic summary at the end of each chapter further assist readers. The historical notes that follow each chapter recap the main points. The Second Edition features: Chapters reorganized to improve teaching 200 new problems New material on source coding, portfolio theory, and feedback capacity Updated references Now current and enhanced, the Second Edition of Elements of Information Theory remains the ideal textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical engineering, statistics, and telecommunications.
An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.


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  • 情報理論の教科書として書かれた本。好評の初版(1991年)を15年ぶりに改訂し、最新の内容にアップデート。情報理論の基本的トピックをカバーし、読者が確実に理解できるように導きます。

  • 情報理論(古典モデル)の辞書的な本。

    1 Introduction and Preview
    2 Entropy, Relative Entropy, and Mutual Information
    3 Asymptotic Equipartition Property
    4 Entropy Rates of a Stochastic Process
    5 Data Compression
    6 Gambling and Data Compression
    7 Channel Capacity
    8 Differential Entropy
    9 Gaussian Channel
    10 Rate Distortion Theory
    11 Information Theory and Statistics
    12 Maximum Entropy
    13 Universal Source Coding
    14 Kolmogorov Complexity
    15 Network Information Theory
    16 Information Theory and Portfolio Theory
    17 Inqualities in Information Theory

  • 情報理論のグローバルスタンダード。論文でもこの本はよく引用される。この一冊で情報理論を研究する人が最低限知っていなければならないことは事足りる。英語だが、非常にわかりやすい。

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