Convex Optimization

  • Cambridge University Press (2004年3月8日発売)
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Convex optimization problems arise frequently in many different fields. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject, and shows in detail how such problems can be solved numerically with great efficiency. The book begins with the basic elements of convex sets and functions, and then describes various classes of convex optimization problems. Duality and approximation techniques are then covered, as are statistical estimation techniques. Various geometrical problems are then presented, and there is detailed discussion of unconstrained and constrained minimization problems, and interior-point methods. The focus of the book is on recognizing convex optimization problems and then finding the most appropriate technique for solving them. It contains many worked examples and homework exercises and will appeal to students, researchers and practitioners in fields such as engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, finance and economics.

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  • 凸最適化の標準的教科書?StanfordとUCLAの学部生向け講義資料を元にして書かれた本とのこと。

    [Chapter 2 Convex Sets](2016/03/14)

    [Chapter 3 Convex functions](2016/03/20)
    理論の基礎となる集合や関数の性質がひたすら続くので、Chapter 2と3を読み進めるのは根気がいる..。アルゴリズムを応用できればよいというスタンスの人には特にそうかも。

    [Chapter 4 Convex optimization problems](2016/03/26)
    凸最適化問題の種類や分類のための知識が整理される。Vector optimizationは詳しく書かれていてよいとおもう。

    [Chapter 5 Duality](2016/04/06)
    ゴリゴリ式変形しているうちに、ラグランジュ関数や双対問題の扱いに慣れることができる。5.3.1 に書かれた弱双対性の証明がかっこよくて印象に残る。

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