Lord of the Flies

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  • (#41) 中学生の時に読んでトラウマになりました。徹夜して読んで衝撃を受けたのを覚えています…。

  • 私には結構難しかった。知らない単語が多いという意味ではなく、内容が難しいからだと思う。


  • text stats
    Fog Index: 6.5
    Flesch Index: 80.1
    Flesch-Kincaid Index: 4.7
    ATOS Book Level: 5.0
    Word Count: 59900

    SVL10: abdomen, acclaim, alight, aloft, alto, ambush, antagonism, asthma, audible, baffle, bash, beckon, bladder, blunder, bony, bout, briskly, bristle, bulge, butt, cascade, clamber, coax, complementary, coral, dangle, disperse, engulf, expectant, expressly, fatty, fervor, flank, flare, flick, flicker, flop, foremost, fray, frenzy, frill, fumble, fume, fuse, gape, ghostly, glamour, glossy, granite, greasy, grimace, hack, hamper, heave, huddle, hysteria, immovable, infinity, jolt, loom, martyr, minutely, momentous, muddle, numb, octave, outcast, override, parody, pendant, pendulum, plaything, preoccupy, prod, prowl, radiate, reassurance, scorch, scribble, scurry, semicircle, shaggy, shimmer, shred, shuffle, skull, slate, smear, smother, solemnity, spasm, spout, sprout, spurt, stark, stub, sunburn, surmount, swerve, tactic, tangle, throb, timidity, topple, trek, uncompromising, underside, unspoken, upheaval, upside, vault, vex, visibility, volley, wade, wary, wedge, wee, wreckage, wrench, wrestle

    SVL11: abyss, balk, bastion, birch, blatant, blurt, brandish, bravado, burrow, carcass, chasm, clamor, clamp, clout, covert, crackle, crumple, cuff, cynicism, decipher, derision, doe, dredge, drench, drone, embroil, exult, fathom, fawn, ferocity, fiddle, flaunt, fleeting, flounder, flurry, funk, funnel, furrow, garland, gild, glimmer, glum, gnaw, goad, grope, grunt, hiatus, hump, incompetence, jab, jagged, jumble, loathe, ludicrous, mirage, nasal, nausea, nudge, ooze, opaque, phantom, poised, preposterous, proffer, putt, sag, sanctity, scour, scuttle, seductive, seep, shear, sizable, sleek, sliver, smirk, snarl, somber, squeal, squint, squirm, strew, stricken, strident, stunt, tacit, taunt, taut, theological, tremor, uproar, whine, whisk, wield, wizard, wobble

    SVL12: abominable, acrid, apex, armpit, astern, balm, billow, blemish, canopy, cessation, constellation, convulsion, cordon, cower, creak, daunt, decorum, delirious, demure, derisive, dribble, dung, exasperation, fern, fitful, flail, flinch, flit, foliage, furtive, glint, grate, grubby, gully, gurgle, hem, hoarse, incredulous, incursion, inquisitive, inscrutable, interminable, jeer, jut, lagoon, lair, leaden, loiter, muck, node, nostril, ointment, outwit, pall, patter, pelt, perpendicular, protrude, quaver, quench, rapt, rasp, recrimination, roost, rump, scowl, scrabble, sheath, slacken, slither, smudge, sod, sodden, specious, squat, squid, squirt, stag, stead, stupendous, succulent, swine, talisman, totter, tremulous, ungainly, whimper, wriggle, writhe

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