*LISA IN LONDON(CARTOON STRIP) PGRN1 (Penguin Readers (Graded Readers))

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  • Lisaは英語の先生になる努力をしている。


  • This book is about a woman, Lisa. She is a student who came to London to learn English. She stayed at the Young Woman's hotel and knew a good school, the Alpha School. Next day, she tried to go to the Alpha School, but she was taken some pictures of herself by Michael there. She did not understand at first, then she found there was the Alpha Studio. She went to the wrong place. So she went to the Alpha School then. But Michael wanted Lisa to be a model because she is beautiful, and he wanted to take pictures of her. She understands him and tried to do that for him. Michael took many pictures of her for 10 days. Michael and Lisa gradually got in love with each other, but Lisa had to go back to her house because her parents are waiting for her though she did not say Goodbye to Michael. She went to the airport to go back, however, she found that she has already become a famous model there. So she came back to the Alpha Studio. Michael was really happy about that and they are going to be together again.

  • YL1.0 語数1500 総語数275632


  • YL1.0 W1,500 T347818

  • 0048/YL:1.0/1,500語/総語数44,069語/結局最後はそうなるんだって笑えるけど、好きな終わり方。

  • 英語の勉強をするためにロンドンへやってきたリサは、人違いされてモデルに・・・。1500語。

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