The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

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制作 : Bruce Degen 
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    ●お薦め度(平均):5.0 ●レビュー数: 0 ●YL(平均):3.0 ●総語数:1,059 ●ISBN:9780590414272(0590414275)
    ●シリーズ: Magic School Bus Series ●ジャンル: N/自然科学
    今回のMagic School Busの行き先は、バスに乗り遅れたArnoldのからだの中。人体のしくみを詳しく解説してくれています(ページの都合上か腎臓、肝臓は最後に簡単に説明されているだけですが)。Frizzle先生の服装には一見の価値あり
    読みやすさレベル(YL):2.5 ~ 3.5

  • 4歳児には難しいと思ったらそうだけど、楽しんでいる部分もあるから、何度も読み聞かせてみようと思う。医薬の話は、ママにも面白い!

  • ネイティブのG2,3向けだと思うけどすごく興味深い

  • Magic school bus gets eaten

    Have I ever let you down?
    Mussel an animal with a soft body and a hard shell made of two hinged pieces that open and close. Many kinds of mussels live in the ocean and in fresh water. Mussels are mollusks and are closely related to clams and oysters. People eat some kinds of mussels.
    Something wrong?
    Don’t panic.
    Scum on your shoe. 1. a layer of waste matter that forms on the surface of a liquid. We cleaned scum off the top of the pool.
    2. a person or persons considered to be low or bad. Marta thinks that people who sell drugs are scum
    Get slimed by the pond scum
    How refreshing!
    Phytoplankton phy to plankton
    Sea scu shoe scum not exactly the same.
    Should we take a closer look?
    Got it!
    Zooplankton eats phytoplankton.
    Anchovies are fish. Anchovies eat phytoplankton.
    Tuna fish. An albacore tuna.
    We are the very top of food chain.
    The ocean food chain. Land food chain. Plants.
    Nature never cease to amaze me.

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