Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

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  • 「Give & Take 『与える人』こそ成功する時代」などで知られる著者が、知識や経験を積んだ専門家や強いリーダーが陥りがちな「自信過剰の罠」のメカニズムと、その解決策として、素直に誤りを認めたり、対立する意見を受け入れたり、自身の信念を柔軟に変えることができるための手法を、個人・対人関係・組織行動の観点から解説した自己啓発書。




    It is often difficult for experienced professionals, knowledgeable experts, or strong leaders to admit a mistake or to change their mind and opinions even though they understand the importance of "unlearning and rethinking" to deal with complex problems under the uncertain environment. Adam Grant, known as the author of "Give and Take", "Originals" and "Option B", says in this book that what we need is “confident humility”.

    At an individual level, the author suggests to separate our thought from our identity so that we can proactively update our knowledge and skills which are out of date, flexibly revise our opinions reflecting new information, and effectively change our mind according to environmental condition. To do this, it is good idea to have a "challenge network" in which members give the critical feedback we might not want to hear.

    To make others “rethink”, in interpersonal context, the author recommends to avoid fighting war against others. We tend to go into "preacher mode" to deliver sermons to protect our ideals, "persecutor mode" to point out flaws in others' opinions, and "politician mode" to seek the approval. Instead we should try to “dance” with others in which we find a common ground, deeply understand others' opinions by "persuasive listening", and ask questions of “how” rather than “why”.

    Finally, from the organizational behavior perspective, we can create learning culture in our organizations by building “psychological safety” which allows employees to challenge the status quo without being punished, and “process accountability” which promotes deeper thinking before decision making.

    Though many of methods and techniques introduced in this book might not be entirely new ones, I was impressed by some of studies which reveal the cognitive mechanisms which prevent us from unlearning and rethinking.

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