Letters for Emily

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  • 読む会7冊目。 2013. 9 - 2013. 10 略称:エミリー(?)

  • 読む会7冊目。 2013. 9 - 2013. 10 略称:エミリー(?)

  • 評判のわりにおもしろくなかった

  • とても読みやすかったけれど、内容には不満たらたら。登場人物たちが好きになれなくてイライラしたり、彼らのやることに反発したり、読みながら怒っていた。




  • 最初は感動のツボだったのですが、もっと性悪なつかみどころの無い人を登場させても良かったのでは…後半に物語全体の変化が欲しかった。贅沢かな。

  • あたたかいお話。

  • Today I finished reading ” Letters for Emily”. It was very inspiring story and I really enjoyed reading it.

    The story is like that an old man called Harry has a granddaughter whose name is Emily. Harry and Emily are best friends. Harry is suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases right now, so he has an idea that he wants to write a bunch of letters to Emily until he forgets everything.
    In his letters he teaches lessons about life, love, friendship or other important topics. However, his disease isn’t only Alzheimer…. and readers can find a lot of truths from his letters….. Emily’s parents has a big trouble between their married relationships but after they continue to read Harry’s letters they understand the meaning of love…..

    That is one part of this story. I don’t want to tell about all summary because when readers know about whole story, it become not to be fun to ready.

    After I read the book, I thought what is life, how we love each other or what is the most important thing for me.
    I wonder if my husband betray me, I can forgive easily or not. Because I sometimes can’t forgive even myself. Of course, I’ve never betray him but when I make fault, I can’t forgive me.

    I’m sure that after you finish reading it, you start to think about a lot of issues of our life. Life is really complicated, so it is fun. On the other hand, it is hard for us to survive.
    I hope that you are curious about the book after you read my journal entry. This book isn’t hard for English learners. We can read it easily without using a dictionary.
    Therefore, my prayer is that you can just enjoy reading it.

  • 死に行く祖父が孫娘に残した手紙。その手紙には多くの教訓がこめられています。恋愛のこと、お金のこと、祖父母のこと。そして、愛のこと。罪を許すこと。気難しくみえた祖父が残した手紙を通じて、ばらばらになりかけた家族が一つに戻っていく。そんな家族の愛が描かれた優しい優しい物語です。

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