Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way To Deal With Change In Your Work And In Your Life

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制作 : Spencer Johnson  Tony Roberts  Ken Blanchard 
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  • これを自己啓発本というのか、ビジネス本というのかよくわからないけど、どっちになっても私には合わなかった。
    ネズミ2匹Sniff(クンクン)とScurry(チョコチョコ) 。小さな人間2人Hem and Haw(躊躇する)。彼らの名前は性格を表しているということに30%読んでやっと気づいた。最後まで気付かないよりマシということでよしとしとく。

  • A couple of days ago I'm done reading " Who moved my cheese?". I've heard about the Japanese translation version of the book ten years ago. At the time the book was very popular in Japan. However, since I was very busy to take care of my daughter at the time, I couldn't have spare time to read it even if it was written in Japanese.

    Last month I discovered the book in English at a book store. Luckily, it was sold with 20 percent discount price. I pick it up on my hand and turned some pages. It was a very thin book. Nevertheless, It looked very interesting for me. I thought if I listened to it from audio book, it would be very useful for me to improve my listening skill, turning some pages. After I bought it, I also bought same book of audio book from online shop.
    It became my first audio book.

    While I was house keeping, walking my dog and sleeping, I listened to the audio book every day. In addition to that, I read same book. Since both audio book and actual book were easy for me to listen to and read, I could enjoy both listening and reading.

    The book was very interesting for me. In the saga, four characters who had different characters lived in a Maze. Two were mice, and two of left were tiny human beings. They were look for their cheeses to survive in a Maze every day; one day they found very nice cheeses at cheese station C. They had quit searching any cheeses from the day; they went to the cheese station C to eat every day. However, one day when they went to there, they realized that all cheeses disappeared from the station. Then they came to show different attitudes to figure out their new cheeses.

    I think most of us are afraid of changing our circumstances. We aren't able to accept our changing easily. It always happened to us: when we have to change our job, getting marriage, moving to other place, graduation, entrance schools or offices or meeting death of our lovable people.
    We try to avoid to put ourselves into hard and tough situation. In the story cheese is a metaphor of our most important things in our entire lives. If we lost it, how change we did. That's the point in the story.
    I think after you read it, you have started to think who you are in the saga. I think I'm mixed Hem and Haw. I sometimes can adjust myself new circumstances, but it sometimes hard for me.
    I'm sure that after you read it, you could learn how to convert your opinions.

  • audiobookを初購入しました。あらすじを知っているので、聞きやすかった。日本語訳は薄いし短いのでさーっと読んでしまえるけど内容はそれほど頭に残らなかったが、改めて聞いてみるとヘムとホーのセリフすら記憶に残った。耳から聞くのは吸収率が高いです。

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