Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) (UK)

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  • 読み返し。やっぱりハリーポッターは楽しい!

  • 面白さは三巻を越えた。

  • 図書館で借りて読んだ本。あいかわらず面白いんだけど、やはり巻を重ねるごとに痛そうなシーンが増えてる感じが。話もどんどんシリアスに。最終巻では主人公達は学校に行かないようだし、どうなることか…。学園コメディ風なテイストがゼロになるのは寂しい気がするなぁ。

  • It's already the second last book. It was as interesting as is the previous ones, and I was really hard time to pause reading. This one was an adolescence Chapter if I can name. Harry and friends became about 17, which is considered to be just between adult and child, and angst-filled age. Harry and Ron are just typical teenager boy who struggled about love... Friendship between a boy and a girl became more than that, and it confused them a lot...

    It is also interesting to read Voldemort's background. Until this book, he is like an evil, just an evil, but now he has his personality. I admire the auther that the story is really well-constructed from the beginnings, and every piece seems to go well to a big picture. I want to look at the completed picture desparately.

    At the end of the book, a very sad thing happened. Actually, I knew what would happen because I read a review mentioning it. I hate it! I didn't want to know that!

    The next one is the last one. I really want to finish it, but I don't want to finish it... you know...?

  • イギリスの友人からこの本をいただいたのが約6年前。

    今日までに読み終わったの、Chapter 2。


  • 5話からは発売されるとすぐに買って読みました。5話は大したことがなかったので、だからまだ映画も観ていません。観にいくつもりではありますが。

  • ハリー、ロン、ハーマイオニー、3人の恋愛模様が描かれていますが、大半はとってもダークなシーンばかりです。

  • トフル前によもっとw

  • もはや義務感で読んでるシリーズ。  ‥なんだかなぁ。

  • まだ読めない...これ、イギリス版だったんだ。アメリカ版もあるって後から気が付いた。

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