The Last Lecture

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  • 2012/06/19の第6回 池袋読書会で紹介された

  • I finished reading my 21st book in English without using a dictionary a couple of weeks ago. The book is "The Last Lecture" and written by a professor, Randolph Frederick Pausch. He died because of a cancer when we was 46 years old. Before dieing, he wrote a book to leave some messages what he wanted to his children, and the book is this one.
    In the book he talked about how he made his dreams come true and helped someone's dreams make come true.

    He said it's the most important for us to live honesty and follow our feelings. If we live in a curtain way, gears of our lives start matching and we can make our dreams come true. The curtain way of a life what he means is not give up our dreams.

    I think it sounds very simple, but it's the most difficult for us. As going back to my passed life, I have given up a lot of dreams. I wanted to become a professional painter, but I couldn't be it. I also wanted to travel around all over the world, but I couldn't do it. I wanted to become an English fluent speaker, but I couldn't do it either. I think I was a luck of obsession that I really want to be or make it come true. That's why I couldn't make them come true.

    I know it's not too late to make my dreams come true and I'd love to make it! The book gave me big challenging spirits!

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    diagnose, optimistic, defer, confront, diversion, equivalent, visceral, reticent, fortitude, habitat, relent, resonate, discourse, insight, compel, pathology, mentor, bravado, colleague, coincidence, exasperate, solemn, appropriate, approximate, adrenaline, morose, suburban, debilitate, palliate, cognitive, dissonance, anxiety, livelihood, frugal, inquisitive, anecdote, arrogant, precocious, definitive, convention, pragmatic, karma, inevitable, vulgarity, virtual, deter, accompany, rant, humiliate, perseverance, adversity, seniority, riff, neonatal, simultaneous, staccato, benign, bronze, valor, prognosis, apprentice, meticulous, haphazard, chaos, postpone, irony, explicit, compulsive, metaphor, collaborate, essential, quartile, obnoxious, acquire, wary, ponder, animate, autonomous, stupefy, white water, diverge, dissertation, species, earnest, parody, superficial, abhor, supersede, reprimand, dynamics, optimal, algorithm, oblivious, bewilder, resumption, aptitude, expulsion, invoke, nurture, testify, implement, precedent, literal, deemed, chronicle, distill, essence, acknowledge, morale, galaxy, foreshadow, simulate, infatuated, tenacious, cynical, infinite, mantra, persistent, intellectual property, hepatitis, hypothetical, obscure, toxic, regimen, gallbladder, metastasis, rational, bereft, spontaneous, detach, presumptuous, contented, obliged, Dutch, incessant, inflexible, admonition, mundane, formidable, compulsion, laureate, indulgent, Machiavellian, disconcerting, urban, calamity, apparent, horizontal, collide, utilitarian, profuse, fetus, amortize, tangible, audible, contingency, belittle, salve, nuance, integral, imply, disoriented, insistent, criteria, deference, relevant, grovel, critique, invincible, reminisce, abundant, idiosyncrasy, recollect, diplomatic, empathy, gregarious, accustomed, adulation

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  • We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

  • 簡単な英語で書かれているので読みやすい、自分のことをたしなめてくれる友達は大切にしましょう。

  • Dream makes you a success.

  • 癌で余命数か月と宣告された著者が、皮肉にも最後の仕事として引き受けたその名も「Last Lecture」。ここに遺す家族への想いとこれから世界へ羽ばたいていく学生たちへのメッセージがぎゅうっと込められていました。生きることの素晴らしさ、楽しさを改めて教えられる1冊。涙。


  • You cannnot change the cards you are dealt, only how you play them.

  • 単純化された、自信過剰で、自分を褒め称える言葉たちは好きじゃない。

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