Free: The Future of a Radical Price

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  • The author explained the 4 type of Free business in this book.

    First type is called Direct-Subsidies. You can find typical example in Walt-mart; buy one and get one campaign.

    Second type is Third party market. The example of this business is a radio program; radio is free to air for listener, they never receive program fee from listener and they sell their advertisement space to an advertiser.

    Third type is called Freemium. We can use basic function freely in Freemium. If we would like to use high advanced function, we need to pay. Many of web services are supposed Freemium such as Skype, Evernote, Dropbox and so on. There are similar business model like giving free samples; candies, soap, perfume etc. But in that traditional way, manufacturer give away only a tiny quantity. In this digital age, almost all user can use fundamental function and only 5 per cent of user pay for the other users.

    Forth type is Non-monetary markets such as gift, donation and voluntary works.

    Reading this book, I would like to add fifth type of business as well.

    Fifth type that I come up with is Business fueled by risk money or investment. If start-ups company have potential to become big company, they can raise money from venture capital these day although they are not profitable now. Many start-ups are offering a lot of free web-services these days. A venture capital know that most of the start-ups fail to make their business profitable, but they focus to get a big Jackpot like another Google, Amazon and Facebook.

  • あの"The Long Tail"を書いたChris Andersonの作、"Free"。

    Chris Anderson is the Author of the international bestseller "The Long Tail," and his new book title is "Free" which says "So it has been since the first free lunch, "Free" remains the second most notorious four-letter word beginning with "F" in the English language. For me, that was much of the appeal in writing the book in the first place." (p. xi)

  • 面白くて一気に読んだ。

  • 今日本でも話題となっている「フリー」の原本。どんどん無料という価格に向かっている世の中(特にネット上)、その現状と未来をあらゆる方面から分析しています。



  • There are companies like Google, which provide their product for free while charging a premium for advanced or special features. This book calls this new business model the “freemium”, and tells about its birth and potential. Learn how the freemium works in today's society.

  • 遅かれ早かれ、FREEを中心としたビジネスモデルが印刷業界にも来るだろう。




  • この本で言われているコンセプトは、簡単に言うと『無料のサービスを提供して、より多くの消費者を巻込んで、新しい経済圏を作る』と言うようなコンセプトだ。



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