"The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (Penguin Longman Penguin Readers)

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Contemporary / American English Six years ago the dinosaurs were destroyed and Jurassic Park was closed. But now people are finding dead animals again-are they dinosaurs? Dr. Levine is going to find out. On Isla Sorna, off the coast of Costa Rica, he and his friends find themselves in a lost world. This Pack contains a Book and MP3


  • One of my mottos for reading is ' Just finish it.' Even if the book is desperately boring, I don't stop reading it. ...so, I finished this.

    Actually, it was too easy for me. I bought this with ' the chrysanthemum and the sword' a couple of weeks ago, and read this one later. That's why I felt this easier.

    This was for children, but Attendant circumstances sometimes made me confusing. Relative pronoun & Attendant circumstances made a sentence longer and longer. I sometimes lost predicates. ahhhh I don't make any excuse any more! Everything is because of my lower English skills! I'll read more! more difficult ones!

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