Business @ the Speed of Thought: Level 6 (Penguin Readers Simplified Text)

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  • ビルゲイツの本。デジタルの力とこれからの世界について解説している。PCの展開からネットワークの広がりを歴史の点から解説しており、ネットワークについてはデジタルナーバスシステムと呼んでいる。従来の階層的な情報経路ではなく、ニューロンのような並列的な処理が可能になり、世界が大きく変化するという。Windows開発当初からこのイメージをもってビジネスを展開している点がすばらしい。

  • <Memo>
    Bad news must travel fast
    -An essential quality of a good manager is the desire to seek bad news rather than deny it.
    -An effective manager wants to hear about what's going wrong before he or she hears about what's going right.
    -How quickly people in the company find out about bad news and respond to it.

    Corporate IQ
    -Give your workers better jobs with better tools, and you'll discover that your employees will become more responsible and bring more intelligence to their work.

    In business the argument between central authority and the individual is the difference between the old-style way of thinking, which saw workers as lazy people who needed to be controlled, and the theory that workers are creative ant should be given responsibility. Digital processes support the idea that workers can-and will- do more if allowed, enabled, and encouraged to think and act.

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