Still Alice

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  • If this should happen to me, I want to leave a note for myself, like Alice did, to read at a later stage of the disease, when I am so disoriented and desperate, so that it would remind me that my life was and has been worthwhile living even though I can no longer remember those days in detail. This story gave me an insight what is happening inside brains and minds of Alzheimer’s patients. Failing to remember things or communicate them don’t mean that they are no longer capable of experiencing the richness of life nor their life are meaningless to themselves or others.

  • I was so excited to read this book since the author herself is a neuroscientist in the Harvard University. And there is no such disappointment knowing the disease called Alzheimer's syndrome.
    The story is so touching and emotional involving how family tie will work around this problem.
    Work or family or education v.s the middle-aged lady who has early onset Alzheimer's syndrome.

  • ジュリアンムーアがオスカーを取った映画の原作。若年性アルツハイマー症と診断された主人公の視点で話が進む。翻訳本は『静かなアリス』。映画日本公開は2015年6月で邦題は『アリスのままで』。(Sa)

  • 映画化されアカデミー賞を受賞するまで知らなかった。若年性アルツハイマー病になったハーバード大学心理学教授のアリスの物語。アリスの視点で物語は進む。病気になった本人の苦悩、家族の苦悩や考え方の違いなど心に沁みる。著者自身、ハーバード大学の神経科学学者である。
    著者がインタビューで述べている彼女が感銘を受けたOliver Sacksの言葉 'In examining disease, we gain widsom about anatomy and physilogy and biology, In examining the person with disease, we gain wisdom about life'に彼女の執筆の動機がよく現れていると思った。フィクションだからこそ伝わるメッセージの強さを感じた。

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