Remember Who You Are: Life Stories That Inspire the Heart and the Mind

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  • A fall before rising, jai jaijumar

    “ My fall helped me reach much greater heights, shaping my outlook on the world.”

    “Yet my good fortune was not limited; it extended instead back to the very earliest stage of my life: to my childhood, to the family who raised me, to the education I had been privileged to receive. “

    “Remember to relax, enjoy and celebrate your life. “

    “Try to recognize your own advantaged positions in the world, the “luck” given to you by dedicated teacher or a loving parent. “

    “Success is born in good fortune and
    obligation is born in success.
    In creating luck for others, you yourself may reach the highest peak”

    The Staffed Bird, Jeffery F. Rayport

    “Creative acts in business, as in life, demand courage and confidence. It’s often easy to find reasons not to do new things, not to make decisions, not to take action. It’s always easier to storm out of the room or settle for the status quo.”

    “There are no certainties in life or business. There are no guarantees about outcomes. We make decisions - often critical and high-stakes decisions - often with inadequate data or data of the wrong kind. And the world is full of noise that’s cause for distraction from the task at hand.”

    “You will often have to make judgements and reach conclusions with little hard data at your disposal. When that happens, you will need courage and faith - in your own talents ....”

    “Have such faith in yourself.
    Don’t squander the moments of great opportunity for fear of making the wrong decision. Don’t miss the chances to make a difference in the world because of the comfort of inaction....”

    “Listen to your passions. Consult your own internal compass. Think about yourself...”

    Be Like Yourself, Richard S. Tedlow

    “I am very good at predicting the past. I am always right. Some of your other professors who deal with the future will frequently be wrong.”

    Eastman Kodak’s quote: “What we do during our working hours determines what we have. What we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.”

    A Matter of Black and White, Thomas K. McCraw

    Stories about how the author saw TVA that was successful back in old times.

    Don’t let yourself settle into one way of seeing the world... understand why you think the way you do.

    A Bad Meal and the Truth, Stephen P. Kaufman

    “When eating at five-star restaurants seems standard, it’s easy to become self-important, to start imagining that life is really like this, or to think that your good treatment is due to who you are rather than to the job you happen to hold.”

    On the Fallacy of Perfection, Nancy F. Koehn

    Learn to consider your imperfections along with your strengths.

  • ハーバードビジネススクールの教授たちが、それぞれの最後の授業で学生に向けて送ったメッセージを集めたもの。編者はもちろんHBSの卒業生です。

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