Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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    All that's missing is leadership.

    He doesn't push; he leads.


    p. 44 The essence of leadership is being aware of your fear (and seeing it in the people you wish to lead). No, it won't go away, but awareness is the key to making progress.

    p. 70 Change isn't made by asking permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness, later.

    p. 72 the balloon factory and the unicorn で the status quo とchange をたとえるのは面白いと思った。ユニコーンが入ってきて歩き回り始めた時の、風船工場の人のあたふたぶりとか反感とかが容易に想像できて。

    p. 87 Leaders, on the other hand, don't have things happen to them. They do things.

    p. 90 Top management wants heretics who will create change before change happens to them.

    p. 95 The industry willfully failed to read the writing on the wall. Industries don't die by surprise. It's not as if you didn't know it was coming. It's not as if you didn't know whom to call (or hire).
    What was missing was leadership--an individual (a heretic) ready to describe the future and build the coalitions necessary to get there.
    This isn't about having a great idea. Nope, this is about taking initiative and making things happen.

    p. 101 A thermostat is far more valuable than a thermometer. The thermometer is an indicator, our canary in the coal mine. Organizations are filled with human thermometers. They can criticize or point out or just whine.
    The thermostat, on the other hand, manages to change the environment in sync with the outside world. These are leaders who can change in response to the outside world, and do it consistently over time.

    p. 103
    1. Publish a manifesto.
    2. Make it easy for your followers to connect with you.
    3. Make it easy for your followers to connect with one another.
    4. Realize that money is not the point of a movement.
    5. Track your progress.

    p. 127 I think most people have it upside down. Being charismatic doesn't make you a leader. Being a leader makes you charismatic.

    p. 132 If your organization requires success before commitment, it will never have either.

    Leaders make a ruckus.
    challenge the status quo

  • tribeは群れなどといった意味の英単語です。

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