Breaking Dawn: Twilight, Book 4 (Twilight Saga)

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  • Incredibly boring in the first half, especially the first quarter, in which Bella keeps telling only about their marriage and honeymoon. There is a little tension on Jacob's part, but that tension was so easily solved that it made no influence to the story. At least, the story is better told from Jacob's point of view. Toward the end, some more tension and excitement come, and eventually the story ended exactly as I foresaw.
    Different from "Eclipse", Bella grows OK in this book. On the other hand, Edward is surprisingly incapable as a husband and also failed to show his presence as a father. For example, the honeymoon destination is his mother's island. I'd not like it if I was a bride. Also, how can he suggest abortion without asking his wife a word, and even assume she feels the same? To make it worse, the ob/gen doctor is her father-in-law! ughhhhh!! (I know there was no choice for them, but he doesn't even question about it.)
    I wished I could finish this lengthy book as soon as possible, and so I did.

  • 前半はスプラッター映画を見ているような感覚で妊娠中の私にはきつかった。後半は冗漫でもうちょっとストーリーに勢いが欲しかった。でもハッピーエンドには満足。

  • 最初が良かっただけにちょっと残念な感じ。

  • Story turned dull after childbirth. All problems were solved easily.In the battle with Vultori, there were few actions, no prycological warfare..(coz Edward reads mind andexplains all!)It was not exciting atall. Maybe I expected too much.

  • This is the final book of the Twilight Saga.

    I know this is a teenager girlie book, but I was just interested in reading the Twilight Saga because I read first one ha-ha. Although this series are mainly for young girls, its pshychological descriptions are pretty well-written so that this series are one of the bestsellers for today.

    I like the first one the best. This one has too much description of supernatural thibngs. I thought the author's advantage is detailed mental description of the characters as I wrote before.
    The ending too simple, maybe disappointing.

    Probably I expected too much because of the first book, but I think it's still interesting.

  • Twilight Sagaの4冊目。最終巻。


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