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  • 邦題:「ママと恋に落ちるまで」

  • Season 6 まで観ました。普段アメリカのドラマってあんまり見ないけど、これはとてもおもしろかった!!とてもおススメします。英語の勉強にもいいんじゃないかな。

    私が注目して観ていたのは、なんていうんだろう、愛情表現の仕方だとか、Intimate Relationship。MarshallとLilyカップルは私の理想です。Love Labで有名な心理学者John Gottmanの唱える上手くいく関係の要素がたくさん含まれていました。例えば、他人にしたら何でもないけど、そのカップルにだけ共通な意味のあるものやイベントを持つだとか、ケンカ中にどうでもいいことを唐突に入れてテンションを抑えるだとか、ポジティブとネガティブ要素の比率だとか、とにかくとてもお手本になるものばかりでした。それに、そういうのを見つけるのは観てる上でとても楽しかった^^


  • Based on the recommendation of my colleague, I started to watch this series, and it's AWESOME-(quoted from Barney Stinson)!

    I said to my colleague, I was watching Desperate Housewives, and they said, it is something you should not tell in public! I am like "What?" I did not know DH was such a embarassing series to tell to anyone! BTW, I still watch it till Season6.

    HIMYM is the great hilarious story of 5 best friends - Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney. The drama started with the story telling by future Ted to their kids about how he met their mother. Obviously in the season1, everyone believes Robin is Ted's future wife, but it is not yet decided in this season. Of course finding out who is Ted's wife is one of the interesting parts of this drama, but funnier part is interactions of these guys with a lot of unique personality!

    I personally like Barney a lot - his catch phrase is quite memorable - Awesome, Suit up!, Legendary, Hi Five etc.

    Now, I watched whole 6 seasons of HIMYM in the gym while I am running. I can exercise myself, have fun and learn English, which is AWESOME way of using my time;)

    I can't wait for season 7 to be released:)

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